Bodhgaya City

Bodhgaya city is a twins city of Gaya. It is situated on the bank of Phalgu River, earlier known as niranjana

The crucible of Buddhism, Bodhgaya was where Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment beneath a bodhi tree 2600 years ago and became Buddha. In terms of blessedness, this tiny town is comparable to Jerusalem and Mecca. Unsurprisingly, it attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world every year, who come for prayer, study and meditation.

The most hallowed spot in town is the bodhi tree that flourishes inside the Mahabodhi Temple complex, amid a beautiful garden setting, its roots embedded in the same soil as its celebrated ancestor. Additionally, many monasteries and temples dot the town, built in their national style by foreign Buddhist communities. The ambience is a mix of monastic tranquillity, backpacker comforts and small-town hustle, underpinned by an intensity of devotion that makes it endlessly interesting.

THAI MONASTERY - Of all the monasteries in Bodh Gaya, Thai monastery stands out for its exceptional architecture and stunning beauty. It has a sloping roof covered with golden tiles. Also home to a Thai Temple, the monastery has a 25-meter high bronze statue of Lord Buddha. The place abounds with peace and serenity and is ideal for solace seekers and those looking for a break from the humdrum of city life. You can visit monasteries build by different countries and see their architectural beauty.